Welcome to study with us!

Tai Chi aka Taijiquan can be a fascinating hobby or very attractive form of activity for cultivating health. Originally it was, and still is a very subtle and profound branch of martial art.

Nowadays some people can learn the complete art, while others can focus on practicing only the forms – taolu.

We are practicing Wu style, created by master Wu Yuxiang (1812-1880), which is sometimes called Hao style, from family name of its famous exponent Hao Weizhen (1842-1920).

This style is called Elite Tai Chi because the first generations of masters were members of the well educated high class in Imperial China.

We are learning by travelling annually to Guangfu in China – the home town of the founder of this style, but also of Yang Luchan – the founder of Yang style. Our main teacher is master Zhao Xiaoqing, who is one of the top disciples of grandmaster Zhai Weichuan.

Our headquarters is in Warsaw, Poland, where we have our own small gym, with many groups of different levels learning this art.

On the clip below, grandmaster Zhai Weichuan is presenting the basic short form of our style.